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Newrise Technosys Pvt. Ltd. was Founded in 2010 by people who believe in creativity and rely on creativity. We firmly believe that for any organisation to survive and succeed there must be reasonable beliefs underlying all policies and procedures.

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Rakesh Dwivedi

Hello! I am Rakesh Dwivedi, founder and CEO of Newrise Technosys Pvt. Ltd.
Although I acknowledge myself as mediocre in academics, I proudly have a tech-freak business mind, which made me found NewRise Technosys Pvt Ltd, a software development company, in 2010 with just two people. The initial days were hard. I faced challenges head-on while running the company, with the dream of being at the top of the world with the best IT services. But now, as I look back to the foundation days with no experience in the IT sector, I see myself blessed enough to stand fearless and represent Newrise Technosys.
At NRT, we pride ourselves on being a medium-sized company fueled by the unwavering diligence of our exceptional team members.
I believed in myself and decided to provide the best IT services in the digital world. I stayed focused on my goals, and despite all the barriers, I was determined enough to rise from the ashes.
I am an entrepreneur who is committed to using technology to make investing more efficient and accessible to companies. I believe anything can be won through persistent effort and a steady dedication to success.
Alongside my endeavors at Newrise Technosys, I also ventured into the food industry with my cafe, "Chai Ho Jaye," which is driven by my passion for culinary delights. Since 2017, Chai Ho Jaye is the result of my undivided love for tea, and with 3 successful outlets with in Bhopal City,.

  • Vision

    Pioneering new paths to happiness and freedom with boundless possibilities.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to fuel a trust-based technological revolution of excellence globally , through unwavering integrity, We deliver affordable innovative solutions and build a meaningful long-lasting relationships worldwide.