(Search Engine Optimization)

The search engines landscape has been changing dramatically with the new updates and features being rolled out every day to compete fiercely in the online space. With this fierce competition and its advantages to a business, everyone wants be on the top of the search engines to gain the maximum traffic.

But, hold on! This is a space that can’t be bought; there is no login and no account. All it needs is a well organized website with enough credibility on the web to reach the top and generate the magic word – “Leads >> Conversions”. Reaching on the top is not a novice’s game and this is where WE step in. Your website is like your baby and would you not want it to be in the hands that has the care of a mother and the protection of a father. Definitely, you would!!
SEOValley has been working in the online space for more than a decade and we know what SEO is all about. Search Engine Optimization is a competitive, complex, ever changing and disciplined line of various strategies and techniques to help a website obey the search engine friendly requirements and outstand the competition using customized strategies. There have been various changes in the search engine algorithms and as a matter of fact, our SEO engineers take the daily dosage of changes to customize their strategies every instance and achieve the top positions.
Today, the search results are different. There are now images, videos, latest tweets and Facebook updates that have changed the entire scenario. Now, search engines have become more advanced in deciding the ranking criteria of the websites but much simplified for the user. Our study begins as soon as a client signs up and right from the start we analyze the industry and make sure we customize our plans as per your needs. With the basic step, i.e. Keywords Analysis to the most complex steps, we assure that we follow an ethical process that’s built on years of experience and research and development.

Our process encompasses the following:

  • When a new client signs up, a SEO Questionnaire is sent which helps us understand the client’s industry, objectives, target market and the most important – WHAT THE CLIENT WANTS!
  • Based on the communication, we analyze the website, competition and the various factors to select the best keywords.
  • With the finalization of the keywords, follows the Website Audit Reports which compromises of the SEO and the Technical Reports.
  • The Off Page activities are carried on the basis of the keywords to get quality backlinks for the website.
  • Regular analysis of the ever changing search engine algorithm to customize the SEO strategies and achieve better rankings and more traffic.
  • With the above said, these are just the basic steps to help set up the campaign and more customized SEO strategies follow later on. With the above said, whether its Brand Building, Reputation Management or any of your ventures in the online space, YOU NAME IT, WE DO IT.