What Can You Do With Bulk Email?

What Can You Do With Bulk Email?

  • Create Professional Email Newsletters
  • Build and Manage Unlimited Email Lists
  • Facebook and Twitter Integration
  • Real-Time Survey and Email Tracking

HTML Email Templates

Over 200 email templates for your email marketing campaigns
Your email newsletter is a huge representation of your company, which is why design truly matters. With Bulk’s stock of pro-designed templates, you won’t have to worry about sending out something less than professional. Combine our themed email newsletter templates with our easy drag-and-drop editor and you’ll send out a memorable email every time.
Bulk Email’s award-winning Email Builder empowers you to create stunning, professional-looking campaigns. With the Email Builder, templates are instantly customizable down to your logo, graphics, copy, links and even videos. Drag-and-drop page elements, adjust colors and fonts and craft emails that match your company brand perfectly.
Email List Management
Divide, clean, update and manage your email lists with ease With our easy list management tools, you can keep your lists in tip top shape with little or no headache. Divide your lists to send better-targeted emails. Clean your lists of bounces, useless email addresses and more. Grow your list, add new contacts or delete them. You can’t have a successful email campaign without a solid, optimized email list. We can help you get there. Trust.
Manage Your Email List
You can add and store as many lists as you’d like. Use Segments to divide your list by demographics, customer likes and dislikes and more. Create lists by importing contacts, adding contacts one by one or cutting and pasting in email addresses.
Import Your Email List
Have your email in text or Microsoft Excel format? Import it with our list upload tool. You can also add email addresses one by one or cut and paste a large block of email addresses into our system.
Build Your Email List
Grab new contacts with a custom Signup Form. Place it on your site and watch the captured info automatically added to your email list. Use custom colors, different fonts and more to make your Signup Form look just like your Website. Expand your reach and grow your list with a “Forward-to-a-Friend” link
Clean Your Email List
Strike bounced and erroneous emails from your list. Get rid of hard and soft bounces. With our list cleaning tools, you can cut the old, outdated and useless email addresses from all your email lists.
Social Media Integration
Share email campaigns with your social network
The either-or debate has long been put to rest. Social media integration is an essential part of email marketing, and it’s incredibly easy with Bulk Email. With social media, you can promote your email newsletters. With email, there are many social media tie ins that can greatly extend the reach of your email campaigns. Integrating your Facebook and Twitter accounts enables many of these features. Use these social networking tools to get more eyes on your emails:

Social Media Email Templates
Bulk Email has several customizable HTML templates to promote your social media. Invite your subscribers to follow you on their social network of choice; run a contest or promotion on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Integrating your email and social marketing can boost your online presence and engage your subscribers in real time.
Insert a Facebook Like Button into Your Emails
Add a Facebook Like button to your newsletter, offer or promotion and watch your next email campaign go viral. Just click on the Like button in the Bulk email editor and place it wherever you want. It’s that easy.
Add Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Buttons to Your Emails
These clickable buttons can be added to any section of your email newsletter. A simple click from your subscribers will bring them right to your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page, increase your views and extend the life of your online marketing campaign.
Add a Newsletter Signup Form to Your Facebook Page
Bulk users can easily place a signup form onto their web page just by copying and pasting the form code from their account. Now it is even easier to add the same signup form to your Facebook fan page. Let your friends and prospects join your contact list and increase your connections.

Email Tracking And Reporting
Get real-time updates on your email campaigns
Nothing is more maddening than having to wait for results. Thanks to our real-time tracking and reporting tools, you’ll see open rates, click-throughs, bounces and more exactly when they happen. Compare campaigns side-by-side, check out your online survey answers, and even view who forwarded emails to friends with our sophisticated, robust email tracking and reporting tools.
Track your Opens, Clicks and Bounces
See email opens, clicked-on links and customer activity as it happens. See which emails bounced and make notes on which emails to take off your list for next time. Watch who forwarded emails to their friends, colleagues, family and more. Track who unsubscribed so you can get a jump start on growing your list to make up for lost subscribers.
Email Opens Geographic Map Get the Big Picture of where most of your customers are located Create custom email lists based on geographic location Build and send custom campaigns targeting customers in certain countries and cities Focus your efforts on pockets of people in different areas
Compare past email campaigns
You can view your campaigns side-by-side and compare how well each one did. Check out the answers to your survey early on to detect patterns and get a head start on your next campaign.

Bulk Email API Overview
The Bulk Email API is a powerful tool that allows you to integrate your database programs with our system. Users managing subscriptions or message content on their own system may use the API to transfer data from their internal system to their Bulk Email account.

Easily push contact information from your website or software to your Bulk Email contact list
Create and manage contact lists. Easily export existing contacts to your system
Create campaigns with content from your site. Send test emails to your own accounts without having to actually login to Bulk Email website
Get performance summaries for your previous email campaigns
Pull data for campaigns and store it on external systems
Basic Details
You can now easily manage your lists, emails and campaign reports using our API. You can connect into our API using XML-RPC.
The API is broadly divided into four categories:
1. Campaign Related Methods
2. Contact List Related Methods
3. Reports Related Methods
4. Security Related Methods

Contact List Related Methods
These functions allow you to create, subscribe, unsubscribe, update and export your contact details.
Campaign Related Methods
These functions allow you to create, copy and update your email campaigns. You can now even schedule and test emails in your account.
Reports Related Methods
These functions allow you to get all the statistics associated with your email campaigns. You can easily pull the data from the opens, bounces and forwarded emails.
Security Related Methods
These functions allow you to generate and manage your tokens. Use these security tokens to access the above methods without having to login to your Bulk Email account.